Insurance of Goods and Carriers

The insurance program will protect your budget against expenses in case of loss or damage of cargo during transport by road, sea, air or rail. In the event of an insured event occurring, we will reimburse for losses and undertake the payment of claims. Insurance coverage is valid in Russia and abroad. You can insure the entire freight transport or one-time freight transport.

Legal Entity Property Insurance

270 buildings and structures are damaged by fire every day in Russia. About 120 buildings are destroyed in the fire. In 2016 alone, the amount of property damage caused by fires at production facilities, warehouses and retail premises exceeded 10 billion rubles. Insurance will enable building owners and tenants to protect their business from unforeseen costs. You can sign a contract that includes a range of risks as well as damage to property as a result of a fire.

Traffic insurance

The number of traffic accidents recorded every day in Russia is more than 800. Insurance will protect your company from damage caused by accidents in road, water, air and rail transport. Our insurance programs will not only help avoid unplanned costs for vehicle repairs, but also provide compensation for damage to drivers, passengers and third parties injured in an accident.