Colonel Group requires an action plan for customs clearance of each product imported into the territory of the Russian Federation and EAC.

The company ‘Colonel Group’ offers a full range of services that allow you to carry out customs clearance of goods: competent certified specialists will prepare a foreign economic transaction in terms of the correct execution of foreign trade agreements, commercial, customs and other documents; determine the measures of non-tariff regulation; identify prohibitions and restrictions on the product; will organize permits; will select the appropriate customs procedure and provide professional advice on all matters relating to custom customs clearance. The customs representative on behalf of the declarant may arrange for the payment of customs duties under certain conditions.

We provide Customs services in Russian Federation, Kazakhstan, Belarus.

The following documents will be required to evaluate the possibility of customs clearance of the goods by the ‘Colonel Group’:

Invoice or draft invoice;

Packing list or net weight, gross;

A detailed technical description showing the key features and attributes of the product;

If there are previous statements for this product, they should also be added;

Foreign trade agreement or other documents based on international delivery;

INCOTERMS terms of delivery of goods;